Some people don't fully understand exactly what this Wiki is all about. The One and Only Wiki is pretty self explanatory, and explained slightly on the front page. But, there is more to it, as stated here.

So, Why?Edit


This is the One and Only Wiki as it is clearly the most important Wiki of all time. It marks all others obsolete, like the GTA Wiki or the Anthony Davies Wiki. We all need to band together and smash all the others and show the world that clearly we are the One and Only Wiki.

That Helps A Little...Edit

The One and Only Wiki is here to show the world that we are the best. Yes, you may enjoy the other Wikis. For now. The One and Only Wiki will set out to destroy all other Wikis. We will provide all of our own information for everything here. The Simpsons Tapped Out to Game of Thrones to Ned Luke to FIDLAR.

It's Kinda Ironic In A Way...Edit

Well, using Wikia does shove the "Create a Wiki" button in your face, doesn't it?

It's Kinda Boring...Edit

Well, we'll execute (ban) you(r account).

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